Commercial Photography Naples FL: Office Politics How To Play and WIn an Editorial feature

SO the latest Gulfhsore Business cover was a collaboration between Jesse Adams, art director for Gulfshore Life, models Frazier Gadella, Angel King, Koula Medteis, make-up artist and myself, Erik Kellar.  The shot was based on the concept Office Politics: How to play and win.  In our initial discussions we had thumb nailed out a half dozen ideas and whittled it down to these three.  We had a pretty good idea about the cover. We wanted the man to be the one with the target on his back and I had Frazier reflect a defeated look in his posture.  We asked ANgel to give us a range of expressions.  After a couple of hundred photos we ended up with the one featured.  We transitioned from the cover to the other two photos.  The actual shooting time only took about three hours but with meetings and set prep and testing the time really was about 14 hours of work.  The ighting is done with several grid spots gelled.

Childhood Obesity: Making Right Choices

So I was hired to shoot a feature for Health Magazine, which is produced by Gulfshore Life.  I was contracted to produce a photo about childhood obesity and the choices you make as a parent and how they will affect you child both in the short term and long term.  I contacted a friend of mine, Trip Perkins, a chef and food stylist and had him prepare the food for the shoot. The concept was to get a kid, Mason Moran, and sow him getting ready to bite into a big old hamburger. Jesse Adams, an art director for Gulfshore Life, was pretty open to what ever I shot so I had some great freedom.  I also ended up using Mason’s mother, Melissa an old friend in the shot.  It turned out  great.  The other alternatives I ended up doing was the hand picking up the cookie with the good choices in the background as well as the food on a balance scale to show how you should weigh your choices.  Anyway look for the article in Health Magazine.  For the technical minded. I shot it at iso 100 at f.11 on a Canon 5d Mark II, I used 6 lights one on the background, two rim lights on either side, a hair light, a beauty dish over head and in front and a 5 foot octabank for fill behind me.

Gracie’s Cupcakes

A new taste and a new magazine.

Gracie’s Cupcakes – Images by Erik Kellar

I recently was contacted by La Vie Claire magazine. It is associated with Claire Murray, a national lifestyle store and catalog that was founded by Claire Murray, a designer and entrepreneur who left New York City to open an inn on Nantucket. The company specializes in traditional crafts of rug hooking and the needle arts, and features crafts people from all over the world.  I was hired to cover Gracie’s Cupcakes across from Coastland Mall in Naples, Florida. It is owned and operated by Grace Bolen. What a great place and a great person; we had gone to Naples High School together, not really knowing each other at school.

Anyway, Gracie’s a small cupcake and ice cream shop with some spectacular designs and specializing in decorative cupcakes for every occasion. If you get a chance, check out the images attached to this post and swing by Gracie’s.

There were a couple of things I was going for with the photos. I had this Andy Warhol inspiration moment after doing some preliminary scouting. So to give the designer of the magazine some choices I shot several combinations of cupcakes on different color backgrounds. Also, part of the directive of the magazine is to feature people’s lifestyles so I caught up with the Bolen family as they made cookies at home and then a walk on the beach.